S.C. S.I.R.D. TIMISOARA S.A was founded as an independent company in the year 2001, by externalizing the mechanization services, the car park, the equipment, the technical staff, and the other employees from D.R.D.P. Timisoara.

Since April 2004, SIRD is a private capital company whose prime shareholder is S.C. TENDER S.A. with a majority of 99.9% shares.

The company kept developing its activity, which has resulted in the increase of the turnover, from an approximate of 3 million euros in 2002, to over 12 million euros in September 2006.In the last 2 years S.I.R.D. invested over 11 milion euros purchasing 2 ballast-hole, 1 quarry, high performance equipments, transport equipments, etc